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A little bit about our Team:

Our team was formed through the Fort Scott Visioning Process we are one of six teams in this process.  We were asked to seek out activities that our Youth wanted in their community.

We conducted a random survey of Fort Scott Middle School, High School and FSCC students the results were:

 Miniature Golf Course 140
 Sand Volleyball 93
 Tennis Courts 57
 Batting Cages 119
 Paint ball Facility 124
 Aquatic Center 130
 Walking/Running Trails 121
 Racquet Ball/Hand Ball Courts 114
 Skate Rink 103
 Outdoor Basketball Courts 103
 Skate Park 98
 Shopping Mall 220


From the survey our committee looked at what we could accomplish and began the process. We hosted our first Back to School Block Party which was a huge success.

One of  our major goals as a team: fund our projects through private donations and grant; no tax dollars.